What we do

Photos affect us. Photos carry emotions and trigger associations. You can affect your customers much more with the right images than with texts. Photographers live for the experience of being at the right place at the right time, capturing the perfect moment and creating impressive images.

Was wir tun


weitewinkel offers travel photographs of high quality for web pages, print media, advertising, travel brochures, blogs and public relations which you can obtain exclusively from this website under fair and transparent conditions.

About us

We would like to invite you on this website to a photographic journey through the beauty and diversity of Africa, into infinite spaces and grandiose landscapes with wild animals, rare plants and foreign cultures.

Travel photography has been our passion for many years. This passion drives us to find the perfect image. What counts is to be there at that exact moment. Dive into nature’s essence. Find that detail. Capture the perfect moment.

Images are not made with the camera. Images are created in the mind. You have to master the camera, but you must dream of visions and translate them into images. For us wildlife photography is one of the most exciting forms of photography. Finding animals in the wild, observing them, and waiting for the right moment – there’s nothing like it.

Although Africa is our specialty, we also photograph other beautiful places in the world.

Only the encounters on the way turn a holiday into an unforgettable journey. Images can help capture those special impressions and to tell an exciting story.

Our desire is with these photos to raise awareness of the beauty of nature, to draw attention to it and of course support its preservation and conservation.

"When traveling, we are like a film that is exposed. Developing is in the memory". (Max Frisch)