Do good with good pictures

When the moment counts...

Mit guten Bildern gutes tun

Good pictures are not the only things that need proper perspective – also and especially disadvantaged people.

Therefore, we do not just want to sell pictures to trigger emotions. We have established the weitewinkel project to actively bring about social change. We want to make a small contribution to a better, more just world with every picture we sell. We want to change the world with pictures. A little bit, anyway.

It’s hard to live in Tanzania with disabilities. There is no help from the government. Access to schools and education is difficult, and often impossible. Even now, disabled children are viewed as a disgrace and hidden in some villages.

The Usa River Rehabilitation and Training Center is a part of the Meru Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, opened in 1988. This is a place in which people with and without disabilities live, learn, work and train independently without regard to their origin, race or religion. Handicapped people leap at the opportunity to change their lives in this center.

5 euros are given for each license sold as a contribution to the Usa River Rehabilitation and Training Center in order to provide hope to people with disabilities.

Micky + Mwarambo African Kids Care

Micky + Mwarambo African Kids Care support families in need living in a few villages on the South coast of Kenya with its privately organized initiatives.

Crucially, they coordinate education sponsorships for children from families who cannot afford the school fees themselves. They finance the initial shopping of the basics these kids need to be registered at a school and bare the school fees and additional costs that may arise during schooldays. This goes from little soaps to broken shoes that need to be bought again.

5 Euros are donated for each license sold as a contribution to accompany these children towards their high school graduation and to allow them a better start into an independant life.

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